Hark to the Music with Art Inspired Speakers!

Music brings soul to life. And the speakers that deliver those soothing or rocking sounds to our ears are kept dull and boring all the time. Its time they got noticed, literally. Make your speaker a piece of modern décor, get a SUPERSTAR! The SUPERSTAR is an all-in-one stereo music centre with state-of-the-art superb sound quality and endless design options. Hear every musical detail as intended with the SUPERSTAR. It is the latest product in the Artcoustic range and is the latest product in the Artcoustic range. Unlike other all-in-one high-end systems, the SUPERSTAR is compatible with any digital source, including iPod, iPhone, AirPort Express, Archos, Sonos, Squeezebox, Bose and B&O. Wow, beat that!

The interchangeable front screen gives you the freedom to choose the look of the front of the speaker and personalize it. Complement your interior, and change it whenever you like! You also get multiple screen options with a choice of 8 Artcoustic Match System colors or choose from the Artcoustic Art Portfolio – 2008 which includes hundreds of new exciting artworks.

The Artcoustic SUPERSTAR enriches the listener with crisp clear acoustics, even in the most demanding environs, thanks to Artcoustic’s ultra-wide-axis Target lens technology. It is also coupled with the advanced Artcoustic X2 subwoofer technology and a 2×150 watt amplifier for that sound you love to hear.

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