Bombproof Bins: Trash Bins that absorb explosion impact and display news!

The threat of terrorism is omnipresent these days and no place in the world is really safe from an explosion or an attack from extremist forces. Designers from Renew Solution have come up with a very unique concept for the streets of London that can be adopted to every street across the planet. The Bombproof Bins that the designers of proposing will absorb the impact of blasts and will not really cause any damage to surrounding environment.

The bins will be made of material that will absorb all impact in case of an explosion and considering the number of times trash cans are indeed the targets of terrorist attacks worldwide; this seems a pretty good option. Police will also have hundreds of fewer places to deal with and time on hand to check at other important spots. Moreover, these hi-tech bins will display the latest bulletin on their flash LCD screens fitted on their side.

Not only will the Bombproof Bins help security and recycling concerns, they simple look too stylish to ignore. Each one of these will cost $ 50,000 and that is not much when you consider the number of lives these could save!

Via: Renewsolution

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