Enjoy The Thrill Of Driving Your Bathtub

It is time to realise that wacky dream you had of racing your bathtub. Believe it or not, but someone really thought of actualising it. Definitely, aimed at the elite class the Bathtub Racer Starter Kit lets you have a bathtub race with your friends. As the name suggests they are small-sized bathtubs fitted with 4 wheels, a steering wheels, and a motor. Very much like a go-cart with a bathtub body-kit, because thatís essentially what these are. The bathtub racers even come with a non-working shower spout!

Priced at $10,995, this complete set includes 2 motorized bathtub racers, 2 battery chargers, 2 battery boxes with a wiring and battery installation tool kit.

And if that was not enough to satiate that hunger for more crazy advetures, you can even choose four or six motorized Bathtub Racers for your race. After all, many-a-times you will have more than just two enthusiasts. For the special service demands you will have to pay $20,995 to $29,995.

By the way, you can also purchase the Inflatable Track that creates your bathtub zone.

So go, zoom zoom!

Via likecool, curiobot & goracer

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