Cool Your Vanity With The Mini Fridge

Never knew your vanity case would be making such a huge leap. IDOCI, a Korean compan has launched a mini fridge to store your cosmetics. All worries about melting lipsticks, gooey foundations and evaporating perfumes can be bid farewell to. The refridgerator comes in the size of your regular vanity box offering a temperature range of 8-12 degree celsius, just right for cooling.

The appliance has movable shelves, noise reduction features and interior light. Boy, who in the world thought of all that! There’s more. An elaborate control system on the front of the mini fridge lets you set up a calendar, timers and control the temperature. And insiders reveal that IDOCI is targetting both the sexes, so expect all the colours you can imagine.

Those of you laughing away at this invention, please be informed that cosmetics industry is huge in countries like Korea and Japan. We hear that a Korean company even added a mirror to a cellphone as a marketing strategy; and it worked!


So, no doubts on the success of the mini fridge in the countries above. Let’s wait and watch its fate in the rest of the world.

Via hallyutech & geekologie

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