The Scythe: Great features wasted on a giant toy car!

If someone wanted to call the Scythe a giant ‘Hot Wheels’ replica, then I would have absolutely no problem endorsing that view. Despite all the hoopla around it and the amount of time, energy and money invested by the folk at GAS, this still looks like an over-grown toy car with no real look and personality. If it has any personality, then it seems more hideous than nice. The Scythe sports a handmade composite body and voice-activated on-board computer system and a twin-supercharged 1,005 horsepower engine. It even has two steering wheels and that seems to make all the wonderful features more odd.

The car on the inside features some really great features such as the voice-activated Shuttle XPC computer that, connected to a 3-G network, provides real-time traffic, news and weather updates. But it is the outer shell that is far too ‘dark’ to really make an impact. It is one thing to try and be flashy but this one gets it all wrong from the basics. Hopefully GAS will do a lot better job next time and produce something that truly befits their talent.

Via: luxurylaunches / wired

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