K1 Attack Spider all set to go under the hammer

The K1 Attack Spider might not really look like much on the face of it and if you were asked to pay well over hundred thousand dollars for one of these, then you have every right to be asking what is so special about it. All set to go away in an auction on eBay, this K1 Attack Spider is all about merging speed with style as this limited edition cars were built for the track. Sporting a tubular chassis like the modern F1 cars, the K1 is not really a road demon.

What is so special about itís is the fact that their production stopped way back in 1996 and there really are not many of these left up for grabs. If reports are to be believed the K1 attack original concept car kits will become collectorís items and in the future their value could touch a price of whopping $1,000,000. Now if that is indeed true, then you better borrow some money and buy this one as this is arguably the best investment for the future apart from an oil well in the Middle East.

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  • I drove this car!! Crazy Ride! People on the street could not stop rubbernecking. Real head-turner. Cops used to pull me over just to ask me what I was driving!
    I remember the girls going GA-GA over this ride. They just wanted to jump in and party!!

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