Fiammella: Slim decorative heater with vertical flame

I guess with winter all but here, the need for a heater is something that we tend to think about more and more often. The Fiammella heater is all about going sleek and stylish with your heating needs and also eliminating pollution and hazardous accidents along the way. The heater employs an atmospheric burner with a TYPE C, water-tight, combustion chamber that is completely isolated from the surrounding environment. It runs on both Methane and GPL and is perfect for those who are lazy and laid back as it comes with a remote to help you warm up or cool down at the switch of a button.

The heater is designed ergonomically to fit perfectly into any modern home and to blend in with effortless ease with your surroundings. The digital remote control that accompanies Fiammella offers unparalleled functionality and ease of operation. Everything you ever need can be found on the large graphic display. The heater reacts to very minute temperature changes in the room and adjusts accordingly to give you the perfect atmosphere around you. Simple, elegant and stylish- Fiammella is ideal for every modern home.

Via: Appliancist

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