Classy Aeronautical Art To Win You Over

Motoart is perhaps the one and only organisation to utilize vintage aviation parts into cool looking furniture for both home as well as office. And they have to thank LA based designer Giancarlo De Astis for his creativity and zest to pick airplane parts dumped in Arizona junkyards and convert them into elegant fixtures.

You will be surprised to what an artistic brush can do to discarded flaps, wings, canopies, turbines and other aircraft parts. Well, Astis can give them a second life in the form of desks, tables, credenzas, cabinets and lamps. Some of his most appreciated creations include the Latro Primo desk, the Lo Squalo club chair and the Solo conference table.


The Latro Primo is made out of the rear stablizer of a Beechcraft 18/c-45 and is priced between $5,500-$8,900; while the Lo Squalo club chair comes for $5,000-$8,500 being made out of the air cooling engine scoop of a DC6/7. And the II Sole conference table at an estimated cost of $10,000 has been taken in by the Smithsonian Institute’s National Air Space Museum. It is made from the first stage of a Pratt & Whitney JT8D jet engine case fan.


Good news is that customers can even request for customised pieces to reflect personal style!

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  • I enjoy Giancarlo’s designs. He is also a nice gentleman. However if you are going to throw the MotoArt name into the story, please get the facts straight. MotoArt has been designing aviation theme furniture years before Giancarlo.

    Giancarlo needs to thank MotoArt for the original concept, not MotoArt needs to thank Giancarlo.

    Dave Hall

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