Map On Umbrella, Actually Serves Little Purpose

Losing your way in the rain couldn’t have been more fun. Some wise fella has designed an umbrella that can also serve as a good guide map in case you lose your way in Istanbul. Yep, the city’s plan is neatly chalked out on the umbrella itself with distinguished markings for all popular cafes, restaurants and hot spots.

Let’s first appreciate innovative thinking and then we shall lambast the little invention for its poor practical usage. See, the map pattern is kindah cool, you will definitely make heads turn with this one. But the actual use of the map looks tricky. How in the world will you refer to the map when it is raining? Won’t you fear getting wet? And it will not serve any purpose outside Istanbul.


Coming back to my calling the inventor a wise person because we do not know his/her name. Clever and cautious thinking, after all criticism towards an unidentified person can cause less harm than we can ever imagine.

So, get hold of this one to maybe add up to your collection of umbrellas but NOT for doubling it as a map.

Via behancenet

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