Knight XV: Lavish SUV Rides Proud as the Ruler of the Dark Nights!

This is the ultimate luxury SUV that not just has plenty of class attached to it but is styled in such a robust and manly fashion that it is akin to adding bling to a military carrier. The shining armor on this Knight XV Luxury SUV has been painstakingly put together as each vehicle is handmade and only 100 of these will be ever crafted. The SUV is fully armored and comes with a host of luxury features that will put many of the contemporary SUVs to shame. The Knight XV is powered by a Bio-fuel V10 that is capable of giving you tremendous power under the hood while the styling and the comfort steal the show for the more casual rider.

The XV features Wilton Wool carpeting and lavish Andrew Muirhead leather on the inside to bring a touch of elegance to the vehicle. This is supplemented by a host of features that suit the modern ‘gadget-head’ obsessed with his electronic toys. The 6-way seating along with a tandem sunroof offer you plenty of space while the LED cabin lighting, Laptop stations, GPS system and Bluetooth technology offer you all the connectivity you need. Add top this Night Vision, rear Op camera system and even a PS3 and this is better than your living room- almost!

The Knight XV is yours for $295,000 and since only 100 of these will be available, we suggest you better get to ordering line fast or you will stand no chance of driving your own Knight XV.

Via: Uncrate

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