iZ3D Custom Painted Monitors: Limited Edition Gaming Fantasy!

Gaming world is expanding at such a frantic pace that it is making more and more youngsters obese, blessed with sight defects and that geeky look that freaks the hell out of the normal folk. Despite all that, there is nothing stopping the virtual take over of the real mind with gaming consoles spreading the madness to a point where we have international contests with people jumping over the remotes! The iZ3D limited edition custom painted LCD monitors take that experience a step further by making bringing the action to life with 3D effects.

Priced at around $750 a piece, the custom painted LCD screens come in 9 different themes and you will love each every one of them. For the 3D effects though, you will have to wear the 3D glasses and that is pretty much expected. You may not be playing forever with the glasses on, but the odd experience will give you loads of fun. It is indeed ‘Time to Play the Game’.

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