Diamond Studded Key for your Bentley!

You make a statement with the Bentley you own, and sometimes it just feels as if you own the road as well. Such is the impact of anything that spells big money and how would it feel to carry your Bentley every where with you just to show off? Now you can flaunt your status even without driving into the hallway in your Bentley, just flash your Bentley car key!

A diamond-studded Bentley continental car key from Alexander Amosu is just what you need to drive others crazy. The key is handset with 101 diamonds on the Bentley famous wings with a total of 1.09 carats. A perfect gift this Christmas for anyone with a Bentley in their driveway. And if their auto line-up includes a Lamborghini, Mercedes or a Ferrari then Amosu has created their luxury keys as well.

The diamond-studded key is priced at £5,000 (approximately $7,895). Just play with it in your hands and see how every body begins to see green. Nothing can say “I drive a Bentley” better than this opulent car key.

Via Amosu

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