Diamond Aircraft unveils DA42 L360 twin: Elegance in Flight!

This is one of the best and sleekest options when it comes to taking the skies and with its unveiling in San Jose Diamond Aircraft has really stolen the show on the wings of the DA 42 L360 Twin. The showstopper at the AOPA Expo, the light-weight flight was flown in from the company’s headquarters in London, Ontario. The flight looks like a machine on the cutting-edge of technology with autopilot and a maximum speed of 180 knots when in full glory.

The design of this ultra-modern carrier is shaped with the perfect aerodynamic precision so as to reduce drag and increase both speed and fuel efficiency. It is equipped with counter-rotating engine mounting so there is no critical engine, making the aircraft easier to control in the unlikely event of loss of one engine. The design also seems to incorporate in it slender elegance and plenty of style. The aesthetics have been improved enormously from the previous model to give the consumer everything he desires and a lot more.

The DA 42 L360 Twin is priced at a whooping $599,500 and while that might appear a tad nit over the bar, it is still a wonderful buy for all the comfort and personalized service that it offers along with speed and precision.

Via: Diamondaircraft

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