Vote with Style: Voting Tree adds a new dimension to election clamor!

By now, we all know what happened with the US Elections and while I will not take the political route on analyzing designs, I still feel a bit bemused that the election of the First Black President to the White House is a bit bemusing. One on hand we detest discrimination and on the other hand we judge achievements clad in color of the skin. Anyway, the ‘Voting Tree’ has nothing to do with any specific elections or parties, rather is all about how voting can be taken to the next level by uncomplicated technique and making it a visually pleasurable experience for everyone.

The Voting Tree may not be a real tree but every person gets to vote in a far more relaxing environment than the traditional polling station. It gives the view of a green park and the best part is that after casting your vote, you can stick a leaf up on the branches of the tree. Yes, plastic leaves, but it gives you a simple and easy assessment of voter turnout at the end of the day. A really appealing way to choose the future of your country!

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