Underground Fortress: Hand-Dug Wonder for the Nuclear Winter!

It was at the height of the cold war with both the major parties having dangerous nuclear weapons at their disposal that making of Bunkers was an absolute crazy art with many people trying to dig up their own shelters from the imminent nuclear winter that never came. But there are still many remaining marks of that era and this is probably the most impressive of them all. The Underground Fortress comes with some of the best features which you would find with difficulty in a normal home. This underground fortress is a 1600 square feet hand dug space that is a complete luxury home fitted with the best facilities available.

The bunker was all hand dug over a 20 year period, and all the walls were constructed with a small electric hand cement mixer. There are 3 ft concrete walls, using 5-bag cement keeping the home at constant 60F degrees year round. The fortress also has 4 sump pumps that keep the ground water from being an issue. The sump pumps are on float valves that make them come on automatically when they fill up with water. It also is completely fitted with al modern facilities and electric connections to make it complete.

The bunker fortress would be worth thousands of dollars though we never will know how much went into it. Dubbed as the best civilian bunker in the world, this is truly an underground delight.

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