Personalized Whac-A-Mole Game: Take out your frustration in a secretive style!

This is probably the best stress-reliever that you will find in sometime and that is simply because you can put the head of anyone you hate on a particular day, period or time and bash them up at your will. That pretty much is the joy of the personalized whac-a-mole game that has been crafted to keep your gaming needs and whacking needs fully satisfied. The closet version of the game is exactly same as the ‘carnival version’ that you might be accustomed to and if you are afraid that your visiting boss or that friend you hate whose head you are bashing will find out about this when they visit your place, then we have a solution for that as well.

The personalized Whac-A-Mole cabin is shaped more like a secret cabin for a top notch agent working for CIA. The shelf comes with a remote that closes and opens the gaming portal into a plain bookshelf. So when you have people around you need not worry about covering it up with curtains. In-built speakers, great gaming fun and even a space to store your drinks mean that every weekend you can come home and smash the head of your boss to pieces! Yup, its all fun at a price of $ 35,000- Enjoy

Via: Hammacher

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