Flying Car Autovolantor: Ferrari 599 GTB to be modified into a version for the skies!

Flying car is more often a Hollywood creation than an actual reality and even at this point where technology might be advanced enough to make it possible, one just gets the feeling that there might be plenty of hassles when every other person is allowed to take the skies. Moller International has been on a course to modify the Ferrari 599 GTB into a flying car ‘Autovolantor’, a car with an ability to lift you out of traffic and liberate you from the long queue that you are stuck in. This would be the ultimate delight for those driving the conceptual Autovolantor and it would also be the ultimate frustration to all others around.

Just imagine a car behind you stuck in a long traffic queue lift up into the air and just fly away while you reach home 4 hours later after going through the maze on ground. That is ‘adding insult to injury’. The Ferrari 599 GTB was found to be the perfect car to be modified by Moller International and once again that speaks volumes about why Ferrari is so special. Autovolantor will be fitted with 8 fans to lift it vertically up in the air and will have a ground mileage of 150 miles while it would be 75 miles in air. The car can also reach up to an altitude of 500o feet and is expected to go at 150 mph in air.

The Autovolantor still has many skeptics around it and while there will be few who will believe that flying cars will further add to national security woes, there will also be many who will happily shell out $ 500,000 for one of these.

Via: Telegraph

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