DSe Hybrid Yacht: Green Luxury on Tranquil Blue Waves!

It is not very often that luxury Yachts are eco-friendly. In fact, it has been only in the last couple of years that such a trend has come about with eco-conscious consumers forcing manufacturers to blend in green features along with the lavish elements. DSe Hybrid Yacht amalgamates luxury along with some spectacular looking solar panels to give the environmentally friendly folk something to be happy about. The yacht has all the ultra-modern features to pamper your senses and still has an integrated engine that runs on a combination of solar and conventional energy.

DSe Hybrid just debuted by Island Pilot at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show uses a combination of sola, electric and diesel powered engine to propel it forward. The best part is that on a sunny day, the yacht can move just on solar power at a pace of 6 knots and considering that this is a ‘luxury yacht’ most likely to be used for holidays and gentle cruises, that is a very acceptable speed on a day you just want to go nowhere and relax on the waves! This also reduces emissions completely and gives you an absolute silent ride.

Yes, that means that if there is a splash in the ocean from a dolphin racing by, you will get to hear it for sure. It can still hit a speed of 13 knots when needed and the luxury features incorporated are second to none. 26-inch HD TV, home theater system, plush interiors and plenty of classic wooden styled surrounding make it a complete delight. At a price of $600,000, this is all about going lavish in an acceptable way!

Via: Engadget

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