Snazzy Veyron Grand Sport Sang Noir from Bugatti

A grand convertible to get your pulses racing is what one needs in this slowdown. So what if it will be momentary, after all one should do all one can to steal a moments worth in the only life we get because that is all we take back with us, memories whacky or sweet but memories that we lived! Okay, lets cut the philosophy (but don’t ignore it too!) and get real because a Grand Sport roadster is as real as it could be!

Bugatti has fabricated an exposed carbonfibre version of its Grand Sport roadster- Veyron Grand Sport Sang Noir!The Sang Noir carbonfibre special edition was twice represented at an exclusive customer premiere of the €1.4m, 253mph Grand Sport in Cannes.

A fantastic engineering, sixteen cylinders, no roof: that’ll be the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport for you. No other convertible boasts nearly 1000bhp, the Veyron Grand Sport does. Plus a beautiful snazzy body to show off! To be available to customers in April 2009, just 15 Sang Noir coupes (the name is French for ‘black blood’) will be made. Tempted?

Via Car Magazine

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