Hand Crank Locomotives for a Smile on your Kid’s Cute Face!

While splurging on your self don’t forget to shower your love for your child! And here is the perfect present that is sure to make your kid smile! All you need is a palatial room, big fat bank balance for this thing is big, and a child of course!

Going “choo-choo” forming a toddler train is a cute little game every kid loves to play! But now your kid won’t fret to be out of the chain because he will have a personal seat in his personal Hand Crank Locomotive!

Oh yes! Hand Crank Locomotives and personal too! Using the simple pushing and pulling of a child’s arms on a hand-crank to propel it around an outdoor track this locomotive is a cool toy. Made from cast aluminum, with cast-iron wheels which glide along a 30? diameter track, they are entirely kid-powered, with a simple hand-crank for each locomotive. . The set of $4,100 includes two such trains, which can support a child weighing up to 100 lbs. An additional $500 to have it shipped to your door. Get ready to get your kid to go “chug –chug” or may be the sound effects are going to be a bit different with “click-clack” sound with no slipping to worry about.

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