Tiffany Mobile Phone-Diamonds are Forever, Recession or Not!

Guess, in times like these, only the gilded could afford to be decadent. Recession does not seem to dent lifestyles of the rich and opulent! So for those who aren’t wary of financial slump world over, here’s an offering from those who dare to brave rough waters. Diamonds it is yet again as we still can’t seem to get enough of it. Japan’s Softbank Mobile Company has unveiled a line of mobile phones encrusted with Tiffany diamonds! It is going to be a limited run of just 10 of the phones, so line up already you guys and gals (or ladies and gentlemen!).

The Softbank 823SH Tiffany, as it is known, that’s limited to just 10 units, comes studded with 537(18.34 carat) diamonds from Tiffany’s and will sell for around 13 million yen (130,265 dollars!). The phone has a top that flips open to a display is designed by the New York jeweler.

With such an offering from the world’s largest market for amazing luxury items and technology goods, bling remains ‘in’ and never ceases to grab our penchant for pleasure and more how much ever the economic crisis may be! Japanese actress Aya Ueto presents Softbank’s “Tiffany Mobile Phone” in the picture above.

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