Pure Gold PC: All that Glitters is not gold… But still Cool!

The Pure Gold PC might look like a solid huge chink of Gold from the distance and one cannot really blame anyone for feeling so. This exquisitely crafted PC is made from a very special mixture of glass and ceramic and the finish of the PC looks much like all-gold PC. Each of these special PCs is completely hand crafted and no two PCs are similar with each one having a very unique look. This makes the “Pure Gold” series all the more special and impressive. Exclusivity is an important attribute in the designer world and handmade PCs surely stand out from the crowd.

One the inside, the Pure Gold is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo and a CPU that is very powerful yet very energy efficient. A 512 GB RAM along with a 1000 Gigabyte hard disk really brings power to the core. The PC though is all about the clean cubes that modern architecture is going towards. This one PC you really should have if you wish to bling your desk up but for now, the price on the Gold Peripherals is still unknown.

Via: Likecool

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