Premium Bond: Aston Martin DB7 Clad in Gold!

Custom cars are really a rave among the Motorheads and it is hard to really find few cars that are much shinier and more blingy than this Aston Martin DB7 that is al set to light up a car show in London very soon. If you feel that all that golden hue is custom paint job then you could not be more far off from truth. It is in fact all gold and that layer of gold is mixed with Platinum to ensure that it lasts really long. As if gold is not expensive enough and the Platinum is not rare enough, they just chose to take it up a few more notches by embedding a few diamonds into it!

Custom crafted by Alchemist, this really is taking the Aston Martin to a new level that is befitting of the bond. But I guess the color really does not go all too well with the whole classy 007 theme. One must wait and see exactly what future is in store for the Premium Bond, but you can bet it is one filled with plenty of gold. Aston Martin DB7 all by itself touches pretty good price tag, so you can only guess what the guys at Alchemist have in store for this!

Via: Jalopnik

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