Economic Humor: Stephen Colbert replaces his Vertu with iPhone for the sake of Economy!

Stephen Colbert pretty much knows the guys to pick on and make absolute fools out of with great success and in the now famous “The Colbert Report”; Stephen targeted Milton Pedraza, the CEO of the “Luxury Institute”. According to recent news Milton Pedraza had recommended a strategy of “stealth wealth” and “avoiding conspicuous consumption for a less flashy image” during this economic crisis. Yes, Stealth Wealth indeed sounds insane enough and the added line of avoiding conspicuous consumption by sporting less flashy stuff is all the more stupid. So Milton was ripped apart in a very straight fashion in Stephen’s little news nugget that ended up being hilarious to the core.

Colbert reported that he was going to follow Milton’s advice and hence would be replacing his own $310,000 worth Vertu with an iPhone and a very blingy landline which looks all the more funny with its spinning and all. I guess, there is nothing more true than this little parody and another gem of a segment from Stephen Colbert. Wait till the elections get closer, more will surely follow!

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