Waking House on Six Legs: The Future has arrived!

If this was not dubbed as real, one could have sworn that this was something that is just a little prop used in a B-Grade Hollywood movie where walking structures from alien planet come and swallow us up. But the world’s first Walking House is built for those who like to get a move on with their lives. Build on a set of six hydraulic-powered legs; this really looks like a monster from a bad nightmare. But the new mobile home is far better and a lot more planet-friendly than conventional homes and could very soon be an integral part of our world.

The house is 3.5 meter high (fit enough for four people) and comes with a living room, kitchen, composting toilet, bed, wood stove and a mainframe computer that controls the legs. The house is powered by solar and wind energy and that is a real great piece of news as we will not have to pay the electricity bills anymore. The house can accommodate up to four people at a time and comes completely furnished. It cost $ 49,000 to build the prototype and one can be sure that with such a home, you could just drop off at work without ever getting late!

Via: Ecotalks / Lifeinthefastlane

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