Total-Liquid Submersion Cools Your PC’s Peripherals With a Soothing Dip

There are many companies across the world that are making great use of cooling systems to generate power by tapping into the heat produced by PC peripherals. Google is already having a few of its offices running on heat energy generated from its computers at work. With even gaming industry taking over the virtual world in a huge way, cooling systems have become an absolute essentiality. A great cooling system gives both the company and the consumer an edge and with that there also comes the lack of annoying noise. The Total Liquid Submersion PC is completely cool- both in its form and in its function.

The Hardcore Computer Reactor submerges its components in a synthetically-engineered �core coolant�, a liquid that maintains a temperature that will ensure max performance with zero overheating. Just imagine what you could do with �Zero Overheating� and complete silence. The way to take this forward would be to use the heat of the coolant to generate power.

This could be easily done in offices and commercial set ups. The ultra-cool, water world-styled PC though comes at a price of $5560. For gaming enthusiasts across the globe, that is a small price to pay for all the cooling!

Via: Gearcrave

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