Smart Table: Giving Learning a Whole new Face!

SMART has been around long enough creating interactive displays and have been highly successful in what they have set out to achieve. While big names like Microsoft are only now looking at the interactive touch-screen display area, SMART has done that for over a decade now. They have come up with the new SMART Table designed for interactive learning for kids. The new table is really exciting and all you need to be a kid at heart to enjoy the table yourself.

Primarily designed to develop skills among kids such as reading, counting and visual spatial awareness the table uses and screen that can be just operated by dragging stuff with your fingers. This makes learning all the more fun for kids and easier to work with. The table uses Smart’s DVIT (Digital Vision Touch) system to watch for fingers on the screen and to respond accordingly. This is much more than a playful toy and actually puts into use some of SMART’s best technology.

The SMART Table will be available soon for a price of $7000-$8000. With SMART products being a part of teaching across the planet, expect this table to make its way around as well pretty soon.

Via: Crunchgear

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