Bloodhound: Zeroing Down on the World Land Speed Record!

Land speed record has always been a pretty prestigious title to hold and with growing technology and the amount of money that is being poured into the record attempts, it seems that very soon it will beat even records in low-altitude flight speeds. The current record for the fastest on land is held by Andy Green at 763 mph. But Andy along with previous land speed record holder Richard Noble, are all set to shatter that and take it past the 1000 mph come 2011 with their hot new “Bloodhound”. The Bloodhound will aim to hit an amazing 1050 mph and that is well around 1.4 mach.

It is hard to even imagine something at beyond the 400 mph mark and it would take one steady hand to keep the vehicle at that speed going. Andy will be the guy who will sit behind the wheel of the Bloodhound while Richard will lead the team to the effort. This is pretty much like Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa joining hands to beat that Russian dude in the ring. An awesome team of former champions to conquer the new record!

The 12.8m long, 6,422kg Bloodhound supersonic car (SSC) will combine jet and rocket power to accelerate from 0 to 1,050mph in 40 seconds. At maximum velocity, its carbon fiber bodywork will be subjected to air-pressure of more than twelve tons per square meter. The car is all set to not just be a speed record chaser but a new lesson in fluid dynamics, body design and carbon fiber technology. With the attempt and efforts being made in public view, this will be one exciting ride till 2011!

Via: Gizmag / BBC / TrendsUpdates

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