Altec Lansing Bejeweled Sound Circles: Getting in Touch with the Feminine Side!

Designers have to sometimes really go out of their way to satisfy their “Gal Consumers” as it seems it takes a lot to really make them happy. Designer David Veldkamp seems to have learnt that from his wife and he has come up with an inspirational design for headsets that could soon start a whole new trend in audio devices. The fact that most headsets are masculine in design is something that must have skipped the sight of many designers. But David has come up with the “Diamond Sound Circles” that are sure to make the women folk really pleased.

These beautifully crafted wireless headsets are aimed at teens and young gals with crystals that make them appear as if they were a part of the jewelry. Now you can listen to your favorite beats and still look like a princess clad in glittering diamonds, all at the same time. The inside color of the speaker could be changed according to whim. This is probably on of the most innovative designs both in terms of audio devices and sheer jewelry.

The Altec Lansing Sound Circles also give a very classy impression and the fact that they are wireless makes them way cooler than the wired ones. Simple, subtle and refined; these really could floor your girl. Hopefully they will hit the stores soon- maybe before Christmas!

Via: Luxurylaunches

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