Riding the Dragon: Custom Crafted Bike with Wicked Looks and Crocodile Skin!

For starters, this is not really going to go down all too well with those who have big planet friendly posters in their hands and are extra-kind to every animal on the planet. Irrespective of all that, this custom crafted bike is really cool and it is so good that for a moment we thought that this was just an image of some concept creation set for the future. The bodywork on this bike really speaks volumes about the hand that air brushed it so authentically. Dubbed as “The Dragon” and created by Wikked Kustoms in Florida, this is indeed cool in a very wicked way.

The Dragon won top honors in the 2008 Builders Invitational held in Tampa Bay and also stole the show at the Festival of Speed in Orlando. It is hardly a surprise that this bike comes with a seat that is made out of crocodile skin as it fits perfectly with the theme. The custom crafted and specially designed low-rider will cost you $69,000. That is surely a very small amount to pay for the several notches you can go up on the “cool scale” at your local hangout!

Via: Likecool

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