CAFERO: Coffee Takes a Futuristic Turn!

For those who believe that technology and robotics will make their life a lot easier than at any time in the past, this is probably something that would not really surprise you. But for those conspiracy-theory experts who believe that one day all the robots will turn on us and try and eliminate us from the face of the earth (ala Terminator), this is another sign towards the impending doom. Korean company Yujin Robot has been showing off a coffee barista robot that delivers your coffee with precision and with complete politeness.

Dubbed as CAFERO, the new coffee-serving robot could soon be a part of stores and cafes worldwide. While there is no need to go around panicking about how this would leave more people unemployed, this sure could mean that family-friendly robots could soon be in your home. There is no date set or even price tag on CAFERO yet. As soon as that is known, we can sure that plenty of people will be interested in the luxury and an employee who does not crib and ask for constant raises!

Via: Aving / Electronicgadgets4u

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