Red Hot 2006 Bentley Continental Up for Grabs!

ars like Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Bentley have an aura of their own that is quite unique and different from the conventional cars like the BMWs and the McLarens. The 2006 Bentley Continental GT Mulliner is up for grabs and this one is just available for mere $143,000. That is pretty cheap bargain considering that the car is just a year old, has not really done many miles and is without a single scratch or even a dent. Being sold off by its owner based in Los Angeles, California, the car seems in as good a condition as it could be after a year. Sparkling hot red cars are simply irresistible and when the picture includes a red hot blond… you just get a bit hot under the collar.

Coming back to the car, the Continental is powered 12-cylinder, 552 hp engine that can give you plenty of power from under that hood. The interiors are in pristine leather black and it seems that the car has a great entertainment system on the inside with excellent audio and video option. An iPod integratable dock and auto sealing doors make it all the more special. The car looks great from the pics, but we obviously suggest you take a personal look before you really believe that. If you want to bid for it, then you can do it Here on eBay. A price of $143,000 seems pretty good bargain, but mind you, the hot blond is not included!



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