Elite Scan: Top 11 Cars To Have in Today’s World

Cars are the ultimate collector’s item for boys and there is nothing that gives the guys more delight than taking care of their favorite set of wheels like a precious little darling. That is exactly why we call our cars “she” and not “it”. With the world willing to spend everything it can on these set of four wheels, the exotic, glittering and shiny pieces are only growing in number. You could own a personal jet or even go on a trip to moon, but there is still nothing like sporting the best car that is out there and stealing the spotlight every Saturday night. We bring to you the 11 of the best that you can have in terms of the options available in the market today. Vintage wheels up for auctions and concept cars yet to materialize are not a part of the list. Hopefully you will find your dream car in here, as this is the best the world of automobiles has to offer today… The very best!

11. Special-Edition Cadillac Escalade ESV:

Available at $125,000 – $225,000, this is probably the best buy on the list in terms of both space available on the inside and the comfort level. The Escalade ESV comes incorporated with an Apple iPod audio-video system, DVD, digital surround sound and satellite HDTV. Since this is a special edition Cadillac and considering the place Cadillac has in the hearts of young and old, this surely makes the list. The outer face of the Escalade ESV sports a customized jewelry compilation from STRUT featuring a woven, diamond-mesh front trellis, enclosed with harmonizing side expels, all shaped from the premium stainless steel obtainable.


10. Porsche 911 Gold: Clad in a Golden Armor:

Having a Porsche is cool enough and if it is the famous 911, then it is all the more better. But one guy decided that he needed more and so put on 40 kilos of gold armor on his Porsche 911 and carved it into this glittering vehicle in all-gold. Coming from the heart of Russia, this is probably the cultural heritage from the times of the Czars showing up. Hopefully he has a very good anti-theft system installed.

9. Batmobile: The Ruler of the Dark (K)Nights!

This is the original Batmobile and I think that pretty much is more than enough said about it. Set to be auctioned off at well over half a million dollars, it ultimately fetched a fortune for the movie makers. If you want to own a very cool and yet amazingly expensive car, then this is your best bet. There are not many like this around for sure.

8. Bentley Continental With a touch of the Oriental!

This custom crafted Tetsu GTR Coupe might look like a bit of a joke when you look at its flowery hood and all-gold colored body, but do not be fooled. This is not car graphics at work but ancient Japanese art and plenty of gold- real gold that is. These custom crafted cars cost over $ 800,000 and only 29 of these would be made. I guess the most likely owners of the cars will hail from Japanese and Chinese royal families. A car with flowery hood for $ 800,000- that is a bit too much of a compromise for me.

7. McLaren Mercedes SLR 722 GTR:

The Mercedes McLaren SLR is pretty classy, incredibly stylish and amazingly cool all by itself. Just take that and turn it up by several notches and you have the McLaren Mercedes SLR 722 GTR. This is all about driving out in the best and most expensive street-legal McLaren Mercedes in the world and if that does not make you popular in your local club, then nothing will. Priced at $ 1,103,140, only 21 of these are expected to be made. Better get in the line soon, if you still have a chance that is.

6. Alfa Romeo Bertone BAT 11 coupe:

If you are looking for a car that can match the style of the future and still hit the present roads with ease, then the Limited edition BAT 11 is your thing. All set to hit production by 2009, only 25-50 of these will be ever made. Just the name �Alfo Romeo� is enough to make people spend their lifetime�s savings on a car and one look at the BAT 11 will tell you why it is all the more special. It looks like a space-age vehicle on wheels!

5. Mercedes SL600: Every Inch Drenched in Diamond!

We are into the top 5 and so expect a very special twist at each turn. This custom crafted and one of a kind Mercedes SL600 is just too good to be true. Every inch of this very special car is coated in diamonds. Yes, real diamonds on the name plate and on exhaust pipe as well! The interiors are blinged up with faux fur and if you ever own this car, then just give us your number. Price of the car- Anyone�s guess.

4. Rolls Royce Phantom with Diamond Lady:

If you ever own a Rolls Royce, then you pretty much have joined the club of select royalty- it is as simple as that. The Lady Love of the auto world is graceful, elegant and as splendid as any. Just imagine her fluttering robe clad in glittering diamonds. This Rolls Royce Phantom sports its �Spirit of Ecstasy� mascot in all diamonds. Designed by Jean Kemanjian�s mascot itself is worth well over $200,000 and the Phantom is a good $350,000. Add that up along with all the class and the attention Rolls Royce brings and you will understand why this is so high on the list.

3. Enzo Ferrari- Enough Said!

How can you have the list of �Cars to own� and not have a Ferrari in it? Enzo Ferrari, named after the founder of the company, is a fitting tribute to the man. The sizzling hot Ferrari with a price tag of around $ 700,000 is a car that integrates unmatchable Ferrari perfection with comfort and safety for the driver. Only 400 of these were ever made and the incredible aerodynamic design and the scarlet red make this my own personal favorite on the list.

2. Bugatti Veyron:

Everyone knows about the Bugatti Veyron by now. Dubbed as the most expensive car in the world, till very recently, the Veyron costs a good $ 1.7 million and was indeed the most expensive street-legal car in the world. With 8.0-liter quad-turbo engine a and a top speed of 235 mph, the car has a lot more than the looks and the style to floor people.

1. Aston Martin One-77:

It was a long since the Bugatti Veyron was on top of any list that people made about the cars to have. It just seemed inevitable- until now. The Veyron has met its match and has been comprehensively dethroned by the Aston Martin One-77. The One-77 will go into production very soon and Aston Martin will make only 77 of these. With a top speed of 200 mph and priced at $ 2 million for its coupe version, this beats the Veyron quite easily. Also add the fact that this is after all Aston Martin we are talking about and you realize why it is the winner.

So there is the verdict. If there is one car you must have going into the next decade, then it is the Aston Martin One-77. I�m sure they are still taking orders, but there are already 100 applicants for the limited edition. So better hurry up. If you are someone like me who does not mind settling for a personal favorite, then try getting your hands on the Enzo Ferrari. If you are more sober, then go for the Rolls Royce Phantom. Those three pretty much sum up the best choices available. Till the next time, have fun and live it up.

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