Microsoft could be Putting Final Touches on OAHU Multi-Touch Device

Any device that has a touchscreen to go along with it adds a lot of value to the both the gadget and gives plenty of value for money to the consumers. Having a mobile with that exact same feature allows me to say that the interactive screen experience is a lot better than the boring old buttons. Then there is the added cool factor where every time you see that people are watching you, you can just take out the little pointed stick and go about acting if you are seriously busy. Now Microsoft wishes to extend this technology to mass computers. If everything goes to plan, Surface Computers my not be far off.

Microsoft is in the process of developing OAHU Multi-Touch Device that comes with cool new features such as fixed location, allows 4 people to use all at the same time and even looks like a casual table which has a screen around it. Then it also carries the ability to work as well as any of your normal PCs with an ability to integrate with external hardware. The device can be operated with hands and Microsoft has been constantly exhibiting prototypes in the popular conventions.

Priced at around $1,499 (rumored), the new technology could soon become very popular and the way Microsoft see it, could be their next big boom. Now I hope the boom comes soon enough before we go deaf waiting for it.

Via: Gadgetsblog / istartedsomething

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