Bubble of Silence: A Secluded Design with Silent Eloquence!

There are some creatures in this world that are far luckier than us human beings. In fact, every creature is luckier than us in a certain sense. We claim to be blessed with intelligence and ability to explore, but really what has that done for us? Created jobs, nations, wars, technology, more headaches and economic crisis! (This is why you never eat the apple… Never) There are creatures like the turtle and the snail that just move around at their own pace, never are in a hurry to get to work, finish deadlines, or even go take a bite. They just do it at their own convenience and if that also becomes too much to do, then they just go back into their shells. Knock as you want after that, they will not come out till they want. Now that, I tell you, is truly a blessed life. A smart designer wishes to do exactly that with his ‘Bubble of Silence’.

Designed to provide you with a wonderful and calm sleeping space or even resting place in crowded atmosphere, the Bubble of silence draws its inspiration from the shells of nature. Its seamless design and its amazingly silent interior allow you to take a nap even if you are in the middle of a crowded street. The design is apparently the designer’s effort to ensure that our life in modern day hassles does not get too taxing and we get timely rest.

The concept is really innovative and the design is exceptional. But the one small problem is that if you have a few of these at every public place, then people will stop rushing for work and start queuing up for rest!

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