Transform With The M-Velope

Some time ago we used to wonder how extraordinary it would be to have a workshop that was convertible? Or what if we could mover yoga walls as easily as we roll up a mat? And this is the best: how awesome it would be to rebuild, rearrange and reassemble our garden retreat just like we rearrange our furniture. Say no more because M-Velope is finally here!

Step inside this magic kingdom and anything is possible. Standing 15-foot high by 14-foot wide by 17-foot deep, M-Velope is a functional art form constructed with a steel frame. The hinged wooden panels on this transformable structure open, move and close as per your wish and desire. Internationally renowned architectural pioneer, Michael Jantzen was struck by this brilliant idea which he transferred into only ten structures that are exclusively available at Neiman Marcus.

The M-Velope is a deifinite must-have because its creator is a pioneer in thinking about ‘how to live’, and has been treading the green path since 1971. Apparently, each M-Velope is made up of new Accoya wood products that not only durable but also sustainable.


The M-Velope is priced at a whopping $100,000.

Via EcoSalon

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