Intelligent Clothing Zaps The World

Technology in clothes couldn’t have been more advanced than this! The concept is almost robotic. Reserachers in Australia’s national science agency, the Comonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CISRO) have come up with a method that integrates microscopic motion sensors into the elbows of a long sleeve T-shirt. What’s the purpose? Well, this enables the wearer of the shirt to create music just by waving his arms.

The working is simple. Sensors inside the Wearable Instrument Shirt pick up the wearer’s ‘air guitar’ arm movements. This information is sent wirelessy to the tiny computer where digital audio files convert motions into sound.

And if this technology was not enough for us to digest, Italian clothier Ermenegildo Zegna has created ‘smart’ textile methods to make world’s first solar powered ski jacket. By the way, the waterproof jacket can charge your mobile phone and even your iPod.

On top of this, Reusch is using iThermX heat generating concept in its sensor-controlled snow gloves called Thermotec. Other companies like Eleksen, Soft Switch, Textronics and Fibertronics are also coming up with intelligent clothing. These include men’s suits controlling hidden electronic devices and kids’ backpacks sending distress signal to the police.

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