Hitachi Woos the Me-tooing Business in the Wireless World

When Sony announced at the IFA that its 40ZX1 LCD TV will now be accompanied by a standard built in wireless HD video technology, it sent a few strong ripples across. Hearing this, many companies were aghast and then there was the expected ‘me-tooing’. Panasonic and Toshiba were two of the few names involved in the follow-up claims. But it is a bit surprising that even after running demos of wireless HD video technology at CEATAC, both the brand names will not be able to bring any products into the market till late next year.

Yet another wireless pusher is Hitachi. It was doing demos on a system based around the Ultra Wideband (UWB) standard operating in the 4.2-4.8 GHz range. Hitachi has just suggested that its wireless HD technology will be a part of a new RGB LED back-lit TV which will have a separate mulitmedia reciever box. The claims have been attractive for sure, but we haven’t heard anything concrete but subtle suggestions.

So, here is the part one of the CEATAC’08 report. Absolutely nothing can beat the Sharp invention of the Porsche and Ferrari inspired design of the ultra-premium XS1 screens, with some not so slender ladies standing in front of the stand. Toshiba on its part had a big TV leanng against the wall with the help of a blacked out stand that was twinkling with stars. Sony got the maximum impact out of the sub-1cm depth of its 40ZX1 by putting a row of them at different angles. Hitachi’s presentation was very entertaining with a huge collection of hand-crafted deisgner prototypes that included one finished completely in gold leaf.

Check out the video:

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