Thanks to Miguel Caballeo, Now You Can Own a Bulletproof Shirt

Colombian designer Miguel Caballeo is being recieved as the ‘Armani of armor’. Well, he is giving us a $12,000 anti-ballistic polo shirt made of ultra-lightweight bulletproof fabric. Quite obviouly a hit with the blue blood like Prince Felipe of Spain, President Alvaro Uribe of Colombia and President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

Now available for regular but cautious folks like you me, you can spot this shirt at Harrod’s in London. The best feature about this garment is its super light and comfort quality. The removable ballistic panels in it allow maximum flexibility and discretion. No one will come to know that you are wearing a bulletproof tee and you will have protection from weaponry ranging from a 9mm pistol to a Uzi.

The anti-ballistic tee is part of Caballero’s high-end Black Label line which also includes different kinds of leather jackets and bulletproof tuxedo shirt. Consider the quality and comfort, and you will know just why this garment is priced so high. Harrod’s is the only retail outlet for Caballero’s line outside South and Central America.

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