Concealed Creativity: Jeremy Levine Design gives you Storage Space Down Under!

Talk about getting ingenious with both space maximization and storage options! This Jeremy Levine Design gives your office space a clean and orderly look by turning the traditional school of thought upside down. Unlike normal storage spaces which are built into the walls and on the shelves up top, the Jeremy design gives you ample storage space under your feet. A five feet bunker-style space allows you not just to sweep the garbage under the carpet and into a hole, but will surely be a very good underground hideout in case the Bush administration is after you next. (Yes, this is perfect for Bin Laden and his Office Space in the mountains of Afghanistan)

The other aspect of this space-conscious design is that the tables have their legs going upwards. Hanging wooden planks make for the desks and this gives you more leg space underneath your office table. (The possibilities with more space under the table are endless… Bill Clinton inspired, I guess). All in all, the design is both innovative and very unique. It offers simple solution to many problems that show up in modern offices. But if your office is inside some high building in upper Manhattan, then digging such office-bunkers is pretty much not an option!

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Jeremy Levine

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