Aston Martin One-77: World’s Most Expensive Car Blends Immaculate Art with Extravagant Style!

Aston Martin is a name that brings to mind the images of style, stability and a class that stands apart from the crowd. There is also one other important thing that it brings to our thoughts and that is big numbers. Anything Aston Martin is going to be at the high-end of the price zone and generally the price tag is going to be a tad bit larger than most others to accommodate all those extra zeros. This 1.2 million Aston martin One-77 sure takes the meaning of the word expensive to a whole new plane.

The Aston Martin One-77 is termed as a fusion of art with Aston Martin craft as it blends a timeless sense of tradition with a futuristic flashy design. The carbon fiber chassis, all-aluminum body and the 7.0 liter V12 engine that can hit 200 mph with ease make this car a collector’s item. Only 77 of these will be made by Aston Martin and already they have 100 applicants for it (Phew… And they say that the economy is sinking!) The technical details of the car are still to be disclosed in detail, but you can bet that this will be an impeccable work of automotive masterpiece.

So why do they call it One-77? People at Aston Martin just thought that 75 was a bit too boring for a limited edition number. When the veil comes off this stunning sizzler at the Paris Motor Show, you could bet we would be gasping for breathe. So, if you are listening Mr. Santa of North Pole, you could maybe pick one of these up and drop it in my living room come Christmas. Though if Santa gets his hands on this one, it is more likely he will swap it for his sledge rather then give it to anyone…



Via: Telegraph

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