Neiman Marcus Brings The Original Legends To Your Record Player

Is originality still nurtured in times of stealing, piracy and re-mixing? Thanks to the joys of modern technology, people do not even hesitate for a single moment when clicking on that free download, it’s illegal by the way, or when duplicate copies are burnt on your computer’s CD writer. Yep, illegal music is everywhere.

Perhaps, now original will have a sacred space for once. Because don’t we always like to be different from the herd? Speaking in the same tune, what value will 100 Billboard charts in the form of a record have for us music lovers? Plenty of money, of course, and pride. After all, doesn’t a handwritten letter or card still reaches out to us in times of SMS-ing and e-mailing!

Too many questions, but the answer lies in the single, to-die-for grandcollection of music spanning over 1955 to 1990 represented by Neiman Marcus. The thirty-five year old collection is priceless, even more because they come in the traditional record format. So do hear it out for those 18,400 records.

Beatles, Elvis, Joplin, Hemdrix…just name the name and Marcus has it all for you. That too, in the original as you would find many records personally autographed by the famous singers themselves.

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