Limited Edition Magnifying Glasses Embedded with Swarovski Crystals

Ever watched your grandpa read with the old-time favorite, magnifying glasses? Must have used it yourself for fun, didnít you? Using the lens in its conventional form isnít a habit with many people nowadays. In a bid to rebuild the old interest, ERGO has released a line of lenses that will make you want to grab hold of them once again.
Adorned with Swarovski Crystals, even the black plastic used is high gloss material perfectly complementing the glitter of those embedded crystals. Reading will be fun filled once again reviving the old magic with a twist of bling.
An exclusive ERGO-Line Limited Edition to 10,000 pieces, this series is only for one year produce worldwide. With a 4-fold magnification, the lens is a lightweight aspheric lens of diameter 70 mm, 12 D. Delivered in a precious gift box with attached certificate of both the authenticity as well as the exclusivity of the ERGO-Line. Unavailability of the price might hinder you of getting hold of it as yet but donít let that dampen your spirits. You can continue to make plans of gifting it to your dear ones or what all you will do with it. Or are you a spy with a thing for bling?

Via Optithek , Entspannteslesen

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