200 million Eclipse is the Largest Private Yacht

Money, it is said, brings its own share of insecurities. Perhaps this need of security for himself and his family has overtaken Roman Abramovich, the �11.7billion man, so much so that he has decided to have an armour-plated mega-yacht with missile detection system to offer early warning of attack by pirates or terrorists.
Eclipse, as it is named, is 550ft long and is laying the claim for the largest private yacht. Its extra ordinary features will include having highly sensitive radar equipment, bullet-proof windows, armour plating all over the body of the Yacht. It will have more than one heli pads and well trained rescue officers.

If all defence mechanisms give way, one has an option of using a submarine and returning to safety. Sea pirates have become a constant threat for ships travelling toward the Mediterranean, statistics say. So, Abramovich’s yacht is fully justified in having safety features apart from having the usual luxurious ones such as cinema, aquarium, disco, hospital etc.
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