Grab the 19th century Baccarat Champagne Glasses!

Just holding a champagne glass adds to your elegance. But if you had the rarest 19th century Baccarat Champagne Glasses, envy would be your guest! These are the extraordinarily rare pristine set of 12 Baccarat champagne glasses made in a pattern designed for the Imperial Russian court in the 19th century; slight variation on the Tsar pattern for the Russian Royal family’s exclusive use.
These 19th century Baccarat Champagne Glasses can only be found in museums and some private collections today, authenticated by very experienced crystal specialists in both France and Italy, only if Baccarat had signed them!
No one else made champagne glasses this size, 12″ tall! And the saucer is a massive 4″ plus in diameter, the bases 4″ even in diameter. Music issues when these glasses are tapped gently. What melody! And hey!! If you find them irresistible you would be delighted to know that you can have Antiques them (in the present date) for 1400 euros (thatís over $2,000.00 US) for each Baccarat champagne glass made today in the Tsar pattern and size. Quite some price huh!!

Via Malleries

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