Symbiotic Villa-Invention of Futuristic Architechture

Owning a swanky home is a dream fixed in every heart. But only a few pockets are large enough to buy one. And a few are bold enough to design their dream abode of the future and why not when futuristic architecture is catching pace. And who knows if we could soon be living in Skypad apartments like the Jetsons!

Zaha Hadid has designed a Symbiotic Villa for the Next-Gene 20 project in Taiwan which was launched in Venice in September’s first week during the architecture biennale. The project has invited ten international architects and ten Taiwanese architects to design houses.

Every bit of designing is meant to catch your awe. Whether it is the sleek and glossy exteriors or the unique interior that does not let you loose touch with the world outside with the brilliant glass wall like windows. The whole place is filled with light and seems very air and spacious. If homes like these will ever be constructed is the million dollar question. They just keep designing them and they sometimes lack the warmth of a true ‘Home’, making them look like private but airy offices.

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