Mother of All Luxury Liners: ‘Celebrity Solstice’

If Titanic was here, it would have loved to meet its competitor ‘Celebrity Solstice’.

Titanic had a capacity of 3,547 passengers and crew, this one has a lesser capacity- 3000 passengers, but claims to have extra ordinary features. It is 315m-long as against Titanic’s 269.1 m. But if you ask me honestly, I would say that Titanic is still a better innovator. Imagine, Titanic was launched in 1912 and, the facilities it had!! Amazing! Having said that, let us give the due credit to ‘Celebrity Solstice’. It is the first to have real grass on its lawn. That would be a great support to people who fall sea sick looking at miles and miles of water. What,s more, you can even go for your bare feet morning walk on the grass! This U.S. cruise ship will be officially launched some time in November this year, giving a huge challenge to other liners that have suddenly become so puny in comparison to this giant. Honey mooners! Keep track of this one to make your date life time memorable.

Celebrity Solstice

Celebrity Solstice

Celebrity Solstice

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