Luxury Bathing TECHnified!

Nothing refreshes you more than a warm shower after a tiring day, or just a lazy dip in that tub on a lazy day to pamper yourself. One can consider bathing a luxury in itself and no wonder, with all those lavish and designer bath rooms that keep coming up, it certainly is. And with bathroom getting techno makeovers there is more on the offing. With “The Bathomatic” you can add another score on the board for “wired” bathrooms being the newest home trend. It is a fully automated digital bath filler that allows you to fill up your bathtub remotely, even going so far as to let you control the depth, temperature and what fragrances or bubbles you want floating in it when you get home.

The Bathomatic’s filling process is controlled by a microprocessor. It can be installed in any tub, new or retro-fitted, by any plumber. The ability to operate its system from an iPhone is a feature added recently by Bathomatic.The entire Bathomatic system’s price starts from 9,900 USD for the basic package. If you can have these automatic fragrant bubble baths, you must be a Princess or a Prince. Only if I were one! How I love to bathe. Sigh!

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