Environment-Friendly Biocat Catamaran: Ferrari Style

Not all of us may have it in us to drive a super fast Catamaran but for those who have it there is R8, and for others who do not have it, there’s this blog post giving you a hassle free window shopping experience. R8 is the 8 Biocat Catamaran in posh red colour that can make a far away onlooker wonder if they are seeing a mirage of a Ferrari in water! Such is its resemblance for Ferrari that even I got taken in when I saw the photograph for the first time.

And these people are not compensating on the environment factor as their entire engine is biodiesel. This magnificent machine is as long as 29-foot and boasts of a V10 power plant. Right now this Catmaran is custom made for a rich client but if you are rich enough, who knows they might make one for you too, if you place your order.

Biocat Catamaran
Biocat Catamaran
Biocat Catamaran

Via GermanCarScene / CarScoop
Biocat Catamaran

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  • A little less Italian, a lot more German. This boat is based on the AUDI R8 – not a ferrari.

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