With First Impressions Themed Theatres Inc.: Make Your Home a Theater!

What is the most you can do to watch your favourite sport? What did we all do during the last Cricket World Cup? At most, we were faithfully glued to our television sets. It’s amazing how much passion people have to utilize their hobby into something more than that. Ever thought of making a custom-built home theatre for your kin and kith?

Our featured hero got this idea and fixed a deal with First Impressions Themed Theatres Inc. to make custom-designed home theaters. It took more than $300,000 and a hard work of four months for this dream to materialise. The designer of the project and company owner Jeffrey Smith created a never before wonder by having a floor that vibrates. In his words “the floor doesn’t stroke the walls or the concrete beneath… It enlarges and contracts with air pressure, so that when the subwoofers jolt in, you can feel the whole lot coming up from base of seats.”

First Impressions

All this looks wonderful with light blue LED lightings, the concealed bass absorbers, omni diffusers and strategic deflectors, enhancing the sound and the visual of the set up. The theater chairs are fully motorized having Granite drink holders and condiment trays. And when ever you may wish to hit the bar, its right behind you in its green marble-topped glory, and christened as “buddy bar”. Mr. Smith has been sensible enough to the other people in the household and made noise from leaking into the rest of the house, next to impossible. So, your husband and your children can be having a happy brawl over the score while you may be peacefully enjoying your book in the other room.

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First Impressions

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